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We’re proud to be one of Skipton Building Society’s Grassroots Giving

Winners, recognised for supporting our local community.


The meadow was again cut by Middlesbrough Council but the Friends volunteers were bolstered by a Community Payback team brought by the probation service.

We have removed the Paykback team members faces from the photos to give them anonymity but they can be proud of the hard work done with good humour.

Again we hope that the seeds from this year will bring a lovely meadow for 2014


The meadow was cut by Middlesbrough Council, Area Care on Tuesday 11th September. It then had to be raked up and removed to enable a second cutting to take place. This was completed on Saturday 15th September by just a few 'Friends of Fairy Dell'. The grass cannot be used for animal fodder because it contains some Ragwort, which is poisonous when in hay. The same procedure takes place after the second cut and then further plants can be put into the meadow, hopefully to flower next year.