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We’re proud to be one of Skipton Building Society’s Grassroots Giving

Winners, recognised for supporting our local community.

The Friends of Fairy Dell were awarded a phase four Breathing Places grant from the Big Lottery Fund for £1,697.00 on 21st April 2009.  This follows an earlier grant from the ‘People’s Millions Big Lottery Grant’ in 2005/06, plus funding from Middlesbrough Council, which began the ‘Transforming Fairy Dell’ project.  It has succeeded in changing a completely overgrown and unused woodland into the present Fairy Dell.  It is a haven of peace, with wildlife and biodiversity for the community to enjoy.  Emphasis is placed on encouraging local primary schools to participate and use Fairy Dell throughout the year.

The aim of this project was to improve the lakeside area near a bird screen.  A local woodsman and his Shire horse moved several large tree trunks which had been left beside the lake following a recent de-silting programme.  A chain saw artist then used some of this wood to make two ladybirds. It has become a play sculpture for children as well as being suitable for feeding birds.  The wood creates a habitat for insects so becoming part of a sustainable food chain.  

These two activities were planned to be the basis of a much larger event, which was to take place during the ‘Springwatch weekend’ – called ‘Down in Fairy Dell’.  Several other activities were included, in partnership with other local organisations. These organisations were: Groundwork Tees Valley; Middlesbrough Environment City; Middlesbrough Countryside Team; Middlesbrough Dog Wardens; and SureStart.

Children then helped with planting of the locally sourced wildflower seeds by 2 different local organisations, Wildflower Ark and Groundwork North East.  The plants were kept in the greenhouses at Wildflower Ark and were planted in Fairy Dell in the autumn 2009.