www.thefriendsoffairydell.co.uk is owned by the Friends’ group. Last updated 1 August, 2018 

We’re proud to be one of Skipton Building Society’s Grassroots Giving

Winners, recognised for supporting our local community.


a. Membership of the organisation shall be open to any person,

regardless of race, age, gender, sexual orientation or ability who completes a membership form, however voting rights shall only be to members over the age of 18.

b. The committee may refuse an application for membership if, acting reasonably and properly, they consider it to be in the best interests of the organisation to refuse the application. However the committee must:

i. Inform the applicant in writing within 21 days of the decision

ii. The committee must consider any written representations the applicant may make about the decision. The Committee’s decision following any written representation must be notified to the applicant in writing, but shall be final.

c. Members may be co-opted, as necessary, but will not have voting rights.

There is no Fee to become a member !

Please contact David Everitt (Members Secretary)

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